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  LEED Commissioning Basic steps:

  • EA Prerequisite: Fundamental Building Commissioning

  • EA Credit 3: Enhanced Building Commissioning


  • Owner selests a Commissioning Agent (CxA)
  •  CxA creates a Commissioning Plan
  • Owner prepares OPR (Owners Project Requirements)
  • A/E prepares BOD (Basis of Design)
  • CxA developes Commissioning Specs.
  • CxA executes project site visits to verify Instalation qualifications.
  • CxA performs Functional Performance Testing.
  • CxA prepares a Commissioning Report.


  • CxA reviews OPR and BOD
  • CxA performs submittal review.
  • CxA participates in customer training.
  • CxA reviews O&M manuals.
  • CxA provides 10 month warranty review.     

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