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Split System D/X Training & Troubleshooting


Identify what main components are:

            Condenser unit


            Condenser fan

            Condenser coil

            Evaporator unit, fan and coil

            Refrigerant control device

Identify what the problem is:

                        Do we have main system power.

                        Are the main fuses blown.

                        Do we have control power.

                        Is the control fuse blown.

                        Is the evaporator fan coming on.

                        Is it rotating correctly.

                        Are the indoor fan belts ok.

                        Is the fan motor bad.

                        Is the compressor running.

                        Is the compressor contactor ok.

                        Is the compressor bad. ( valves, windings, locked up )

                        Does the system have adequate refrigerant.

                        How to evaluate superheat.

                        How to charge by super heat.

                        How to charge by condenser sub cooling.

                        Is the refrigerant control device clogged or power head flat.

                        Are there any safety switches open.

                        Is the condenser fan running.

                        Are either fan, relays or starters burned out.

                        Are filters clean

                        Is the indoor coil frozen over.

                        Is indoor coil clean.

                        Is outdoor coil clean.

                        How to lubricate the fan and bearings.

                        Check and clean the condensate trap.