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Why Re-commission?


Todayís building and office facilities are very high tech. Design engineers go through a lot of effort to design a system that meets the needs of the customer and will perform efficiently and with minimal maintenance.


Over time, changes get made to the system in order to accommodate specific conditions which are constantly evolving in the building. They can range from new tenants moving in, to adjustments made in anticipation of the change of seasons.


Unfortunately, after a couple of years, a change of engineering personnel and or leadership, it becomes very difficult to recognize or identify where the original baseline operating parameters are. The result is a system that does not operate as the original design engineer intended.


At this point it is necessary to re-evaluate the overall system and its components. Comprehensive Functional Performance Tests can be executed to evaluate how the system is operating now. Changes can then be made to correct the overall operation of the system. If the original design documents and sequence of operation are not available, we can determine a new one based on system components.


A building that does not operate as the design intended wastes electricity and thatís money right out of your pocket.


With over 25 years experience in the commercial office building trade, you can count on our expertise. We can develop a commissioning plan that is right for you. Call us at 770-337-0735.




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