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Is your building over one year old?


If your building is equipped with a Stairwell Pressurization system, will it work properly in the event of a catastrophe?


When your fire alarm system activates, can you be sure the smoke will be controlled and contained as originally designed?


Smoke is the number one killer in the event of a fire, not the fire itself.


Today’s buildings are designed with equipment and controls that are intended to control, contain and sometimes even evacuate the smoke.


A Stairwell Pressurization system is supposed to prevent smoke from migrating into the stairwell from the floor that has an alarm condition.


A specific requirement is determined by each county and a thorough test is performed before any new building can receive a Certificate of Occupancy.


The same test should be performed every two years to assure your system works properly. Changes in floor layouts affected by tenants moving in and out can affect the system performance.




Some brief requirements are as follows:


v   The system fans must activate when the alarm goes off.

v   No door in the stairwell is allowed to exceed the maximum psi rating of pull required to open that door in the event of an alarm.

v   There is a minimum flow requirement for each door in terms of face velocity in feet per minute.

v   In order to establish air flows between stairwell and tenant spaces, there are a specific number of doors that must be simultaneously open.

v   The location of these doors is also specific.




As you can see, it takes some expertise to properly test and adjust stairwell pressurization systems.


If there was a catastrophe in your building and injuries were involved due to smoke inhalation, an investigation could reveal that the Stairwell Pressurization system was not maintained properly. What would your liability be?


Sachs Consulting can evaluate your system, calibrate and execute functional performance tests and provide you with the necessary documentation to prove adequate operational status.





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