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Is your building over one year old?


Can you be sure the HVAC Life Safety Systems are working properly in your building?


When your fire alarm system activates, can you be sure the smoke will be controlled and contained as originally designed?


Smoke is the number one killer in the event of a fire, not the fire itself.


Today’s buildings are designed with equipment and controls that are intended to control, contain and sometimes even evacuate the smoke.


These Life Safety Systems are often over looked as part of the regular maintenance program. Quite often, building personnel are unaware of their location because they are hidden and more importantly, what each component is supposed to do in the event of an alarm condition.


Is the control damper supposed to open or close in the event of an alarm?

That depends on if it is to contain or redirect and relieve the smoke.


Do you know if the elevator smoke relief dampers are operating properly?


In order to determine what each components role is in the event of an alarm, you must refer back to the engineers design intent.


You may not know this but many smoke control dampers are commonly energized to open and remain open at all times except in the event of an alarm. The resulting consequence is that quite often the damper gets “frozen” or stuck in that position.


The theory is that if the damper is supposed to “contain” smoke, it is energized to open during normal operation and then in the event of an alarm condition, it is closed by spring tension. This way, if the electricity has been cut off or already failed due to fire, the damper can still go to its fail safe condition and contain the smoke.


If the damper is frozen in its open position, frequently the spring mechanism is not strong enough to overcome this condition and the damper will not close.


Do not mistakenly think that these system components are checked or included in your periodical or annual Fire Alarm System dry run. Although they may be included, usually they are not. Be sure!


If you are unsure of the satisfactory operating status of your buildings HVAC Life Safety Systems you should consider an annual check up.


Sachs Consulting could review your buildings existing conditions and the design documents and develop an annual Life Safety System check to verify everything. A detailed report will be produced and all inadequacies identified.


The good news is that we should be able to plan and execute this project without interfering with your tenant’s schedule. They won’t even know we were there.



Call today and speak to a representative to schedule your check up!








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