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Are there any environmental issues in your building that you would like to have resolved?



Perhaps a building pressurization issue that occurs every year at the change of seasons.

Are the front doors standing open due to excess airflow?

Are the front doors allowing too much air to rush in every time they are opened?



Perhaps you have chilled water or condenser water pumps that are on Variable Speed Drives, and yet never seem to ramp down or control properly.



Perhaps you have AHU’s or fans that are on VSD’s and again, never seem to ramp down.



Your building may be equipped with an economizer system that relies on the cooling towers to provide cold water for cooling when the outdoor conditions are right, yet it seems that the economizer just can’t maintain the building effectively.



These are all what we call “Big Picture” system problems.



If any one of the above conditions exists, you should evaluate the buildings HVAC systems performance.


Sachs Consulting specializes in these types of problems. You see, your average service technician that responds from a local mechanical contractor typically is not equipped to diagnose these types of problems and they can be very frustrating to resolve.



Sachs Consulting has over 20 years of experience in the commercial HVAC arena, specializing in system operational problems. In other words our specialty is looking at the overall scope of the building envelope and the systems as a whole.



Would it be worth it to you if you could save 10% on your upcoming electric bills?



Buildings suffering from any one of the above problems could easily consume an extra 10 or 20% of electricity.



What would 10% of your monthly electric bill be?  I’ll bet it would pay for the cost of the analysis and repair in one month. The continuing savings would come right off the top of your operating expenses every month there after!



If we cannot provide you with answers to your problems, the consultation is free, what have you got to lose?



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