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Air Handling Units Training & Troubleshooting


Identify what type of unit it is:

                        Variable air volume

                        Constant volume

                        Chilled water

                        Steam heat

                        Hot water heat

                        Multi zone

                        Direct drive

                        Belt driven.

Identify what type of controls:




Identify what the problem is:

                        Is the fan coming on. 

                        Is the fan motor bad.

                        Are the starter overloads tripped.

                        Are the overloads sized correctly.

Do we have control power.

                        Is the starter or variable frequency drive getting a run signal.

                        Is the VSD getting a set point signal.

Do we have a pneumatic or electric signal available to operate the valves.  Is the hot water or steam valve working.

                        Is the chilled water valve opening.

                        What is the supply air temperature setpoint.

                        Are all the manual and balancing valves open.

                        Is the steam trap operating ok.

                        Are the strainers clogged.

                        Are the filters clean.

                        Are the coils clean.

                        What is the duct static pressure.

                        Is the duct static pressure transducer working ok.

                        Are the individual zone actuators operating accordingly.